A 100% Customer Defined Fleet Management

50+ Reports, Flexible Working, Auto Accounting, Workable on Tabs & Smart phones

Lifetime Free Upgrades

SwiftFleet will be ever evolving with changing imperatives of Transportation business, Regulatory changes, Market conditions etc. and at NO Time our esteemed customers will need to go through the trouble of integration again.

Gain Immediate ROI

Identify and manage your over or under utilized vehicles, minimize downtime, reduce unnecessary inventory and improve overall workflow. Configure servicing cycle of major components through fleet management software and get report on virtually any aspect of your fleet operation.

Vehicle Management

  • Vehicle Accident & Replacement Tracking
  • Dynamic Vehicle Availability Status checking
  • Leased vehicle management (manage EMI )
  • Real time tracking of the location of the vehicles
  • Track income and expense on a particular vehicle or the entire fleet


  • Details of Vehicle & Delivered Product under the booking.
  • Incentive/ penalty computing.
  • Automatic ledger updating as and when debit/credit entries are done.
  • Generate POD Challan.
  • Auto-generated Trip Card.
  • Details of required/remaining fuel in Vehicle and current accounting status of the vehicle/driver.
  • Route/Vehicle/Additional expenses under the booking.
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Repair & Maintenance

  • Vehicle Spare parts Replacement Tracking
  • Comprehensive tracking of Maintenance work on vehicles
  • Vehicle Utilization (Hours of Service from Total Availability)
  • Track comprehensive warranty expiration dates by time/meter
  • Receive alerts about next scheduled maintenance of your vehicles.

Tyre Inventory Management

  • Customized Exhaustive reports of tyres
  • Track all casings through the re-treading process
  • Functionality that helps you capture data for each tyre
  • Comparative analysis based on Brand-Relative positioning of tyres etc.
  • Forecasting Mileage of the tyre based upon its current Non Skid Depth.

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Stock Movement across Warehouses
  • Inventory Item Status w/Barcode Scan Support
  • Purchase Order Price Cap and Preferred Vendors
  • List of available spare parts with manufacturing detail, complete part name and number

Users Management

  • Multiple Create/Remove Users under the Company.
  • Authority/Accessibility to Users.
  • Authority to Generate Notifications/SMS/E-mail.
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